The average annual salary for a business to have an In-House attorney is well into the upper SIX FIGURES!! We know small to mid-size businesses do not have the capital to be able to afford an attorney to be on staff at all times. Instead, we offer a package that will allow your small business the resources and legal acumen to be able to compete with larger businesses without the expensive overhead of hiring an attorney to be on staff. 

We can help assist your small business by providing: 

  • Risk Assessment 
  • Contract Negotiations and Drafting 
  • Mergers & Acquisition Consulting 
  • Business Plans 
  • Lending and Capital Contract Agreements 
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Purchases and Sales
  • Registered Agent Services 

Contact us today to help determine your company's legal needs and find a budget that makes sense for your small to mid-sized business.