Payment Options 

We told you that we're different! How many other law firms offer 3 different ways to pay to resolve your legal issue? The difference is real. You'll know upfront what to expect and there are no hidden surprises. Choose the right payment option that works for YOU and your budget and let us help you manage your legal situation effectively, efficiently and affordably. 


Flat fee 

The traditional retainer fee model is broken. Are you tired of lawyers that nickel and dime you every month for phone calls and administrative costs that slowly, but surely, add up to some insurmountable monthly bill? We offer services based on a flat fee basis so you know what to expect and you can comfortably afford. 


hourly rate

Need more of a flexible payment option than the traditional $10,000 retainer fees? Perhaps an hourly rate is more your style. We offer hourly fees that are budget friendly and vary depending on the type of issue you're facing. 


unbundled services

Some basic legal situations can be handled without the need for an attorney to be present 100% of the time. If you have considered representing yourself and have gotten stuck or overwhelmed, sometimes all you need is a little guidance to provide some clarity.  Unbundled legal services allow you to achieve your legal needs while providing you a low, affordable rate with high value representation or advice.

It's simple really...once the task is finished, so is the representation. If you want us to continue with your case on a full-time basis, we do that too! Anything to help YOU resolve your situation in the way that best fits your needs.